ZAG COVID-19 Response

Keeping you secure & connected during the global pandemic

Protecting America

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re working to help our clients feed and protect the nation, while keeping our team and community safe. We committed resources to help education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations, secure their IT systems.

It is in times like these that technology truly becomes a competitive advantage for your business. We’re pleased to share these resources to help enable your success.

Remote Work Productivity

Enable your team to work from home safely and securely as they connect to their network and colleagues.

Virtual Meetings

Keep your team productive with Microsoft Teams. Video and voice calling, file access and editing, calendar management, and chat inside one application.

Remote Work Access

Extend your corporate network into the home with solutions from Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft. Enable virtual desktops with Citrix VDI or Azure Windows Virtual Machines. Learn more about Remote Work Solutions.

Health Check Compliance

The easiest way to protect your business is to confirm the health of your employees. The simplest way to do this is to measure temperature.

Temperature Check Compliance Solution

We built a lightweight, health check app that helps you:

  • Accurately record health check data
  • Record that data into systems of record
  • Presently to SharePoint, Google Sheets, SQL databases

Learn more about ZAG’s employee Health Check & Compliance Solutions.

Pro Bono Initiative

We are concerned by the rise in opportunistic cyberattacks on essential organizations and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. From fresh produce companies to hospitals, everyone is fair game to cybercriminals.

During 2020, we donated 100% of team resources not assigned to client projects to help select organizations improve their IT systems and processes. We will continue the program in 2021. Apply to our Pro Bono Initiative.

Resources & Tips

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we published several resources to help businesses stay online and remain productive.

The entire ZAG team is here to help you achieve your mission. If we can support your business with technology strategy consulting, managed services, or delivery of your next IT project, please contact our team today.


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