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ZAG and Ruckus helps deliver stable, reliable WiFi

Wireless connections are now an essential part of doing business. No matter the industry, your employees depend on reliable access to the internet or internal networks in order to get work done. But in many industrial settings, establishing a stable wireless connection can be hugely challenging.

ZAG partners with Ruckus because they are a recognized leader in the wireless infrastructure market. The company’s proprietary “Smart-Fi” technology and adaptive antenna arrays have transformed wireless network performance in warehouses and other manufacturing sites.

As a Ruckus Partner, ZAG has a staff of engineers who are trained in the optimal deployment of Ruckus wireless access points. The partnership allows ZAG to provide clients with the best wireless connectivity possible, no matter the complexity of the environment.

Why ZAG partners with Ruckus

Ruckus is widely seen as a pioneer in the field of wireless technologies. Ruckus’s RF (radio frequency) technology and its adaptive antenna arrays have revolutionized the way that industrial sites and large office complexes deploy wireless connectivity.

Deployment done right

Ruckus’ technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it is a flexible, customizable solution used to deliver optimal wireless connectivity. Which is where ZAG can help. This is a case where working with a highly trained team of engineers makes all the difference in the world, both during deployment and post-installation maintenance.

ZAG’s engineers are trained to effectively deploy Ruckus technology. Our team visit facilities in-person and thoroughly assess the warehouse or office floor, evaluating access points and identifying all of the obstacles to reliable connectivity.

We configure the settings and tune the network. Our meticulous attention to tuning means that we guarantee our clients the best possible results.

Connectivity, not just coverage

ZAG approaches wireless from a systematic, engineering standpoint. Using advanced tools, we are able to properly map out a wireless deployment for an organization. Ruckus fits right into this tool set by delivering the best technology for the business.

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