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Transforming the Way You Do Business

Together, ZAG and Microsoft are helping businesses achieve their full potential.

The adoption of remote work and work from home is accelerating across all industries, especially for knowledge workers whose jobs can be performed almost anywhere. This is not a new trend—although it is growing exponentially in 2020—and many companies require secure, reliable access for employees into remote systems and for remote workforces back into corporate systems. For many years, ZAG has proudly partnered with Citrix to enable our clients to succeed no matter where their employees, plant and equipment, and IT infrastructure are located.

Microsoft Gold Partnership

We chose to work with Microsoft because of the quality and diversity of its solutions. As a global industry leader, they offer products and services that enterprises and small businesses alike can rely on to maintain their competitive edge.

Microsoft awards Gold Partnership status to top-tier technology companies in recognition of their knowledge and expertise with Microsoft products. ZAG achieved that ranking by demonstrating a high degree of engineering talent, as evidenced by a record of successful deployments of Microsoft products. In fact, Microsoft routinely introduces us into their clients to assist with complex implementations. This relationship has worked well as clients get their systems architected, implemented and supported in a manner that is required for enterprises.

Benefits Microsoft brings to ZAG’s Clients

Our engineers have carried out countless deployments of Microsoft products and solutions. When we onboard a new client, our team has almost certainly seen and dealt with many of the challenges in your environment. They know how to solve the issues, fast and efficiently. Even when we encounter the inevitable curveball or two, we have access to Microsoft’s engineers so that we can contact them directly for advice. Our close alignment with Microsoft also means that we understand the best practices when deploying Microsoft solutions, leading to better outcomes such as platform stability, security, and uptime of client systems. One way to understand ZAG’s partnership with Microsoft is that it gives our clients the best of two worlds. When you engage ZAG, you’ll get the expertise of Microsoft-trained engineers and system architects, plus the individual attention for which we’re known.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold partner?

Microsoft reserves Gold Partner status for technology firms that have, in their words, demonstrated a “best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area.” To maintain the status, our engineers and systems architects need to pass rigorous examinations before obtaining official certification. The team also needs to carry out successful deployments of Microsoft solutions, which is another way of demonstrating competence. ZAG’s team of engineers and architects has extensive and demonstrated experience deploying and managing many technologies in the Microsoft stack, including:

  • Office 365
  • System Center and Intune
  • Hyper-V
  • Active Directory
  • Exchange
  • SQL
  • Azure

Partnering with ZAG

We’ll never push a solution that isn’t right for your business interests, today or the future. We take pride in our partnership with Microsoft. But we also understand the value of other technologies. When you work with ZAG, you can be confident that we’ll always put your needs ahead of anything else. Our partnership with our clients is, ultimately, the partnership that matters the most. To learn more about working with ZAG and Microsoft, contact us today.


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