ZAG COVID-19 Response

Helping non-profit, education & healthcare organizations during the global pandemic

WE ARE CONCERNED by the increase in opportunistic cyberattacks on essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. From fresh produce companies to hospitals, everyone is fair game to cybercriminals.

We decided to do something about it.

Make I.T. Your Competitive Advantage

During 2020, ZAG donated 100% of team resources not assigned to client projects to help selected organizations improve their IT systems and processes. Our goal was to help non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations prepare for their “new normal.”

The program was successful and we intend to extend it into the future. The initiative involves a graduated program that includes 3 services:

1. Technology strategy consulting session (to help you chart a clear path for the future)
2. Technology health checks (to provide guidance for future IT investments)
3. Remediation work (on a case-by-case basis)

We are extending this support to the following types of organizations:

1. Non-profit organizations
2. Education institutions
3. State school districts
4. Healthcare and medical services
5. COVID-19 defined “essential businesses”

How to Apply

We are accepting submissions for the program commencing in April 2021. Here’s what to expect:

1. Fill and submit the form below
2. We will setup a 15-minute call to understand your technology environment and needs
3. We will assess your application and determine the availability of the relevant resources on our team
4. You will receive a response within five business days

What if you’re not eligible?

If you are unsure whether your organization is eligible for the program, please apply anyway. We will consider every application on its merits. If we see alignment between our respective missions, we would like to help.

Apply Now


Transparency is at the core of how ZAG operates. Some informal parameters in non-legalese to help you understand our intent:

1. Our team may be fully engaged with existing client work, and even though we genuinely want to help, we simply may not have the team available.
2. Organizations accepted into the program might be required to enter into a master services agreement with “ZAG Technical Services, Inc.” If required, neither party will be obligated beyond the agreement.
3. We reserve our right to accept or reject an application for any reason.
4. The program is not open to existing clients of “ZAG Technical Services, Inc.”


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