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Enable a Mobile Workforce

There is no doubt that mobile technologies have changed the way people do their work. Companies today are discovering the many benefits of employee mobility, including: reduced travel expenses, optimized resource allocation, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

Mobility can provide a strategy to compete and deliver products and services that can create competitive pricing and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

As more employees access your critical data and networks, communicate with customers, and use their own mobile devices for personal and business use, management, security and oversight solutions have become key issues facing today’s IT managers.

Mobility Assessment

ZAG provides on-site assessments that will identify the challenges you face and clarify the solutions that are right for your organization. Business challenges to consider:

  • Is your current wireless infrastructure ready for the surge of new mobile devices?
  • How will you provide secure access to corporate networks without diminishing productivity and customer service?
  • How will you manage a heterogeneous mix of devices of varying ownership?
  • How will you protect corporate data when it resides on the same device as personal data?
  • Can mobile desktop virtualization mitigate security risks and control IT costs and resources?
  • How will you unite strategies for bringing mobile access to various cloud apps?
  • How will your already overextended IT department handle the additional demands of an increasing number of mobile-enabled employees?

Mobile Device Management
Understanding Mobile Device Management Options

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Enterprise Mobility Management

The benefits of Mobility come with challenges. Decisions need to be made around which strategies, initiatives and practices your organization wants to employ and the best way to accomplish them.

Your business defines the initiatives in your organization, whether BYOD (bring your own device), CYOD (choose your own device), COPE (company-owned, personally enabled) or simply allow non-sanctioned use of personal technology, you will have to face the challenges these devices present like security.

Mobile devices are inherently vulnerable and provide another avenue for malicious access to your corporate network and sensitive data. However, before you can manage security you need to identify a heterogeneous network of devices, platforms and protocols. Then, IT departments must be able to control mobile device network access and identify multiple devices that are using the same identity-based log-in credentials.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Citrix Workspace Suite

Citrix Workspace Suite increases business productivity by securely delivering apps, desktops and data to your workforce. This unique offering from Citrix was designed for IT control and easy end user access that provides your business with your choice of device, cloud and network. Workspace Suite includes: XenApp, XenMobile, XenDesktop, ShareFile and more.

Microsoft EMS

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive cloud solution from Microsoft created to consumerize IT and address BYOD challenges. Using identity-driven protection allows for flexibility and productivity without compromise. This cost-effective solution includes Microsoft’s Azure AD Premium, Intune, and Azure Right Management and more.