360° Technology Strategy Review

Does Technology Meet Your Business Goals?

Technology Strategy Assessment

Does Your Technology Meet Your Business Needs?

ZAG believes that businesses can leverage Technology to meet business goals, company needs, and compliance requirements, so we created the 360° Technology Strategy Review to show organizations how to become Success-Ready. While there are several types of virtualization, many companies utilize just a few. Implementing a few more types provides additional benefits for flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

360° Interview & Assessment

An interactive interview to understand your technology environment. Topics may include: Network Performance, IoT, Cloud Hosting, Security, Disaster Recovery, Remote Access, Virtualization, Data Center, Business Continuity and more.

Analysis & Recommendations

Report tools gather information that determines the health status of each area under review. This allows us to gain a full, understanding of the environment at the time of the assessment.

Documents & Findings

A document is created identifying areas that are High-Risk, Potential-Risk and Success-Ready and includes a roadmap with potential projects, initiatives and timeline to determine next steps for improving the overall efficiency and performance of your network, and correct any High-Risk issues.

Planning and Strategy

ZAG will discuss future technology adoptions that could help accelerate business objectives and shorten the timeframe to success.

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Undertsanding the Threat

Many organizations have trouble gaining a clear picture of their IT landscape, so we created a unique offering to discover high-risk issues and help you achieve success-ready status. In the video below we share more about ZAG’s technology strategy review.

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