Employee Health Assessment App

Get Ready to Reopen Your Business

American business is built on entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, hard work, and supporting the communities we serve. As we start to reopen across the U.S., the coronavirus is changing not only how we work, but also how we turn up to work.
Daily employee health checks will become part of the “new normal.” Until COVID-19 is conquered the easiest way to protect your business is to confirm the health of your employees. Health Assessment allows you to administer quick, on-the-spot health and safety checks for each employee before they enter the workplace.

Health Checking and Tracking App

ZAG’s Business Applications team built a lightweight app that checks employee health and safety compliance on the spot to help you maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The app will help you:

  • Determine whether employees are safe to come into work in real time.
  • Accurately record health check data.
  • Push that data into systems of record, including SharePoint, Google Sheets and SQL databases.

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How It Works

Immediately determine whether individual employees are safe and compliant to enter the workplace.

Health Check App Process Flow

Fully Customizable

Compliance Questions

Configure the app to ask whatever you need to determine your employees’ compliance. This can include temperature, COVID-19 test results, face mask compliance, safety gear compliance and other factors specific to your workplace.

Employee Information

Input employee information the way you prefer, including badge scans, employee names or employee ID numbers.

Health Check App questions

Data Storage

The app automatically stores the data it receives – you choose where. Health Assessment supports SharePoint, SQL and other popular file-sharing environments. ZAG offers IT security services that can help you keep your data storage secure and compliant.
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Health Assessment is available in English and Spanish.

Get Compliant Overnight

Health Assessment gives on-the-spot feedback to each employee, preventing any non-compliance during wait times. This helps you ensure every employee on-site is within your determined safety compliance regulations, keeping your work environment safe and healthy. We recommend requiring all on-site employees to submit a health check every morning before coming in to work.

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