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The values that drive our mission


“Building a future where technology is a competitive advantage”

ZAG’s vision is simple and has very little to do with us. In fact, it’s all about you. It’s all about helping build a future where technology is a competitive advantage for you, your people, and your business. We work to create this future every day. It is what everyone in IT should strive to achieve.

Technology is no longer a cost center. It is the competitive advantage every Board of Directors is looking for. Many facets create a competitive advantages, starting with security. Everyone knows that defense wins championships. Security in an organization is the team’s defense.

It then extends to projects that make employees more efficient by providing them new capabilities, processes, and efficiencies. Even deploying remote access capabilities can significantly increase an organization’s competitive advantage. Deploying new applications or business intelligence resources can dramatically move an organization’s competitive capabilities. These can transform an organization. Our vision is that all these capabilities, and more, are available to your organization.


“Enabling our clients to succeed”

We have always been very client-focused and willing to do whatever it takes to make the client successful. At our core, we are a service organization. That was true on day one, and it is true today. Our executive team worked collaboratively to create a formal mission statement. We got to the essence of it quickly. Unfortunately, as a group of engineers, it was excessively wordy. We then spent a couple of months refining it, reducing the word count, making it succinct. A statement that anyone could remember.

We eventually settled on, “Enabling our clients to succeed.” In other words, Enabling Your Success! This statement actively captures the essence of our mission. More importantly, putting it out there was revolutionary for our organization. We always worked to enable the success of our clients. Calling it out focused everything. If something doesn’t enable client success, then why would we think about doing it?


It’s worth sharing how we settled on our values. It speaks to our culture. Rather than being a top down directive, a group of employees worked on the organization’s values. At the same time our executive team worked to independently create their list. The big question was, would the two groups come to the same conclusion? The result would be telling. The entire company then met to determine the written articulation of our values. Amazingly, yet unsurprisingly, employees and our executive team generated exactly the same results.

ZAG holds five core values to be critical to who we are, and how we serve our customers:



Integrity Foremost


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Client Centered


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Accountable Always



Teamwork Throughout


Exceptional the Goal

These are the values we expect from every one of our team members. We even find that the clients who share these values are the best fit for us. This list is who we are.

Careers at ZAG

Enable Our CLients to Succeed!

If you share ZAG’s values, understand our mission, and get the vision, we’d love you to join our team. See our open positions.