Essential IT Solutions For Modern Business

Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Data/Analytics & More

ZAG’s 140 US-based IT experts can deliver hundreds of capabilities to help solve your highest-priority business needs. Here are 12 of our most in-demand solutions, from cybersecurity to data & analytics and everything in between.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Unsure about your cybersecurity readiness? Start with an assessment to know what you don’t know.

What We Deliver

  • An executive report detailing your cybersecurity preparedness.
  • A prioritized list of what should be fixed.
  • Reports that your internal IT team can use.
  • Comprehensive pre/post-remediation advice.

Incident Response Planning

Executive risk directives, industry breaches, and compliance requirements all heighten focus on incident response. Build a quick response plan for a cybersecurity incident.

What We Deliver

  • A comprehensive written plan to help contain a cyber incident.
  • Prebuilt response workflows & communication protocols.
  • Training protocols that amplify overall security efforts.
  • Helps minimize disruption, legal risk, and data exposure.

Email Security Review

Email remains a primary business tool, making it a target for cybercriminals. Get a comprehensive, expert review to help shield against email system threats.

What We Deliver

A comprehensive review and written plan to help you:

  • Implement email security policies in Defender for O365.
  • Update Anti-Spam/Malware/Phishing protection settings.
  • Optimize 3rd party email security platforms and services.
  • Mitigate ransomware and safeguard against phishing attempts.

Active Directory Risk Mitigation

Poor Active Directory hygiene leaves the entire network exposed. Perform an annual AD and Entra ID health check.

What We Deliver

Only legitimate users should have access to your data and applications:

  • Provide a health check of your Active Directory environment.
  • Remove vulnerabilities and enable new protections.
  • Setup monitors and alerts when attacks are attempted.
  • Mitigate ransomware and safeguard against threats.

Windows Hello for Business

Employees frustrated with long passwords? Hello for Business passwordless authentication improves security and the end user login experience.

What We Deliver

  • Faster, easier logins using facial recognition, fingerprint, or a PIN.
  • Strengthened multifactor authentication (MFA) practices.
  • Decreased IT help desk ticket loads with self-service passwords.
  • Readiness as SaaS & enterprise apps add passwordless authentication.

Active Cyber-Incidents

You don’t have to deal with active cyber-incidents alone! Our dedicated team helps minimize damage, downtime, data destruction and ransomware payments.

How We Help

We are regularly engaged to resolve active cyber events including:

  • Cryptolocking attacks.
  • Ransomware threats.
  • ACH fraud transactions.
  • Many other serious cyber events.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Want to move (more) systems and apps to the cloud? Deliver Windows desktops securely and reliability in Azure.

How We Help

Improve productivity while keeping costs in check with AVD:

  • Secure virtual machines, a familiar Windows experience.
  • Cost-efficient cloud migration & pay-per-use model.
  • Modernize your Citrix or VMware deployment.
  • License costs included in several M365 subscriptions.

SD-WAN & Advanced Networking

Network performance and costs a concern? Get an actionable assessment in your environment to validate SD-WAN’s increased app performance and circuit cost savings.

How We Help

  • Identify SD-WAN use cases, priorities, and potential ROI gains.
  • Design an SD-WAN architecture tailored to your needs.
  • Deploy SD-WAN & validate value at test sites.
  • Lower the cost of connectivity and improve stability.

Workforce & Process Automation

Need to do more with less? Free up time for higher-value activities with Robotic Process Automation.

What We Deliver

  • Automate common workflows and repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce manual work errors and improve data accuracy.
  • Improve employee productivity & job satisfaction.
  • Accelerate business performance to beat competitors.

Software & Data Engineering

Legacy systems holding you back from using AI? Use your low-cost historic data and high-speed transactional data to power AI that creates your next competitive advantage.

What We Deliver

ZAG’s software data engineers deliver solutions that:

  • Migrate legacy data to low-maintenance cloud technologies.
  • Strategically stage refined data for high re-usability.
  • Collect, cleanse, and serve the right data at the right time.
  • Add value to your data capabilities as your business grows.

Business Intelligence

  • Not getting the business insights you need? Turn your data into an asset that drives business results, from cost reduction to margin expansion.

What We Deliver

Business intelligence development and process assessments to:

  • Unlock the untapped potential in your data.
  • Optimize business operations.
  • Uncover hidden business impacts.
  • Gain an unfair edge over competitors.

D365 App Development

ERP migration to D365 giving you a headache? Flawlessly recreate legacy applications for D365 using native Azure Logic Apps with little to no code.

What We Deliver

Recreate the apps that run your business for D365:

  • Configurable solutions, minimal maintenance with Azure Logic Apps.
  • Modern, scalable solutions built natively for Azure and D365.
  • Seamlessly integrated in your Azure environment.
  • New apps are designed and built to maximize D365’s advantages.

Hundreds More Capabilities

ZAG has hundreds of capabilities to help solve your high-priority business needs. Contact our team to start your next project today.