Helping Californian Businesses Get Ready to Prosper

by | May 11, 2020 | News

In times of crisis a person’s character is fully revealed. Between those who inspire action in others, through those who deflect and blame to hide their inadequacies. Those who give, and those who take. We asked ourselves, when looking back on the COVID-19 pandemic, how would we answer a simple question: “What did we do?” Our answer is to donate team resources pro bono to non-profit, education, healthcare organizations, and “essential businesses” to help them prepare for whatever their future holds.

We are concerned by the rise in opportunistic cyberattacks on organizations critical to the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. From fresh produce companies to hospitals, everyone is fair game to cybercriminals.

We know of significant security breaches in the fresh produce and medical industries (among others). Too often we’re called in to resolve a damaging crisis that was mostly avoidable.

One of our clients summed up security perfectly, when he said, “The tough thing about network security is you don’t know, what you don’t know. When you’re safe, you don’t know that you’ve been attacked that much. But you know when you lose.”

Now is the time for businesses to invest in their future. The team at ZAG would like to help the organizations that contribute to the fabric of America, especially those who are essential to the Californian economy.

During May and June, ZAG is donating 100% of team resources not assigned to client projects to help non-profit, education institutes and school districts, healthcare providers, and a range of essential businesses, to improve their IT systems and processes.

We start by delivering strategy consulting so that you can better prepare for the future. From there we can do a “health check” of your IT, tasks like network assessments and security audits. Our goal is to start our engagement inside of five business days from receiving your application.

Successful applicants will be guided through three tiers in a graduated process:

  1. Technology strategy consulting sessions, to help you chart a clear path for the future
  2. Technology health checks, to provide guidance for future IT investments
  3. Remediation work, on a case-by-case basis

ZAG’s mission is to enable our client’s success by making IT a competitive advantage for their business. During May and June, ZAG is donating 100% of team resources not assigned to client projects to help a range of organizations get ready to help their employees, clients and customers succeed.

If your organization would benefit from this program, or if know of a worthy organization or business, please share this post. Applications can be submitted on our dedicated ZAG COVID-19 Response page.

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