Daily Shift Interruption at Cooling Distribution Facility Gets Worse Before Getting Better: Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Daily Shift Interruption at Cooling Distribution Facility Gets Worse Before Getting Better: Wireless Network Troubleshooting

An agriculture client has many coolers where they store their perishable products, and moving pallets in and out of these facilities with teams of forklifts depends on technology working in a stable manner, every moment of the day.


Over the past few months, this client has experienced a worsening problem with the wireless network dropped connections that has interrupted daily shifts of workers from once daily, to once hourly.  This issue occurs because the rugged computer laptops on the forklifts that travel all over the cooler facilities, need to be able to maintain a steady connection to the wireless access points at all times.  Whenever a connection is dropped, workers have to stop being productive, reboot the computer, and redo some of their work. 


After months of trying to resolve the issue themselves, the IT staff at this client needed more expertise.  We asked for the floor layout of the cooler with the worst problem, interviewed the team about design choices and configuration settings they had made and adjustments already attempted, and got to work.  A team of three engineers worked together to identify the root causes of this very expensive problem. 


One week into the project, we already identified that the customer may have simply installed too many access points too close to each other, with default configuration settings.  These choices cause interference with each device’s ability to provide a stable separate coverage zone.  In addition, the client configured the devices to automatically choose wireless frequency channels on their own, as well as allow the devices to automatically “blast” as much of a powerful “wave” as desired.


By “flooding the airwaves” with too much WiFi, the customer was probably doing what the product vendor recommended or what they assumed would work best.  Our company’s experience setting up and troubleshooting dozens of wireless network environments like this provides the level of breadth and depth of experience that no single customer could ever achieve on their own.


This client will now use the information gained to have us help them resolve similar issues in all other coolers, including a new greenhouse facility being built later this year on recently acquired property.


As ZAG demonstrates expertise with different technology platforms, this customer learns that they have a single IT services partner they can depend on for all types of projects and services, to enable their continued success.

To learn more about wireless network configuration and troubleshooting in agricultural produce cooling and distribution facilities, contact us today.

ZAG co-sponsors Silicon Valley Fast Private Awards

ZAG co-sponsors Silicon Valley Fast Private Awards

CEOs and executive staff gather to find out where their companies rank on this year's list of Silicon Valley's Fastest Growing Private Companies. Over 200 attendees expected.

Silicon Valley Fast Private Awards

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6:15 pm - 6:45 pm:  Awards Presentation

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The True Value of a Managed Services Provider

The True Value of a Managed Services Provider

Evaluating Your MSP

Many companies see their Managed Services Provider (MSP) as a simple Help Desk that can be called when a system goes down or an issue occurs. However, having an effective MSP Partner brings real value to your organization through preventative and predictive maintenance. 

The value of an MSP is often discussed in terms of cost-cutting, but is your company cutting costs by paying less for Managed Services or are you lowering costs with scheduled tasks and fine tuning? 

There are several items you should consider when evaluating an MSP, including:

  • Is the provider more about break/fix services, or are they true IT consulting experts?
  • Is this MSP experienced enough to adapt to new market trends and deliver the best technologies for our type of business?
  • Does the MSP work as a partner to us instead of a maintenance provider?
  • Will the Managed Service fix our current IT infrastructure challenges and optimize our environment for growth?
  • Can the MSP help us with a digital transformation that fits our business model and needs?
  • Will we be able to assess the cost of the Managed Service in terms of efficiency and innovation?

MSP – Provider vs Partner

If you’ve never worked with a true Managed Services Partner, you may be wondering how an MSP can provide value to your organization outside of typical IT support. What if your MSP could prevent incidents from happening in the first place?

If your MSP is only working for you when you make a call, that means they work at a reactive capacity. Your business needs a partner that manages your devices before something goes wrong. A good MSP should provide: 

Monitoring – observation of workstation health with alerts and antivirus

Automation – updates for Operating System (OS), anti-virus, server OS, and third-party applications

Centralization – single location to monitor servers, network devices, and backups with alerting

End-User Support – remote and on-site support for your critical IT issues

These services allow your organization to lower the cost of service and save time by maximizing performance and stability through network monitoring and preemptive maintenance. Moreover, you can cut costs without sacrificing the level of support your business needs to run successfully. 

Using these guidelines can give you a solid understanding of what Managed Services Providers can do for your business and your bottom line. You should consider them when evaluating your current or potential MSP. 

Contact us to learn more about Managed Services or explore our MSP offerings