The Whole Nine Yards, ZAG’s New Service Offering

by | May 6, 2024 | Security

ZAG is passionate about securing our food supply chain, and we’re proud to take another step toward accomplishing that goal. Introducing our Ag Cybersecurity Assessment.

After sharing The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Cybersecurity Assessment, we’re eager to introduce our newest offering. Our assessment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a tiered offer, designed to cater to companies of all sizes, allowing you to choose the level of insight that best suits your business. All tiers promise high-ROI and deliver actionable outcomes to safeguard your operations.

Following are some of the services offered in one or more of the ag cybersecurity assessment levels:

Internal and External Scans

Internal and external vulnerability scans are crucial for modern farming. They act as your farm’s personal security guards, identifying potential entry points for hackers. These scans not only keep your IT operations running smoothly but also safeguard critical data, such as financial and employee information, ensuring your business continuity.

These scans are also required by many global industry standards. By examining external interfaces and internal networks, our scans detect vulnerabilities related to infrastructure configuration and patching schedules, ensuring the security of all integrated systems.

Regular scans enable dynamic agricultural businesses to adapt to emerging threats, improve certainty of supply obligations, and reduce legal and reputational risks.

Report and Action Plan

Reports of scan findings are a crucial component of ag cybersecurity assessments. They give a clear picture of vulnerabilities and, more importantly, provide an actionable list of recommended fixes. With these reports, growers, packers, and shippers can stay on top of security risks and ensure their systems are secure. It’s like having a roadmap to keep the farm’s digital world secure.

Our action plans outline steps to address vulnerabilities identified in your scans and assist in prioritizing those vulnerabilities to help guide users. With clear directives, agribusinesses can efficiently enhance their cybersecurity defenses, minimizing the risk of cyber threats impacting their operations.

Executive Summary Report

Executives often need a different perspective on their operations than those doing the work, especially for information technology and cybersecurity.

Every ag cybersecurity assessment tier includes an executive review, providing a comprehensive summary of the scan results. This review highlights key vulnerabilities and their potential impact on your business operations, giving you a clear understanding of your cybersecurity posture.

This review empowers agricultural leaders to make more informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic cybersecurity initiatives, delivering improved protection against cyber threats.


Our security assessments include a 30-minute consultation with an experienced cybersecurity expert.

The consultation is your opportunity to discuss 1-on-1 what our experts see and discuss any unfamiliar concepts. The consultation will help you make sense of our initial findings, identify urgent risks, and identify the best place to focus your resources.

One more thing …

These are just some of the outcomes delivered by a security review. We are proud to offer a flexible, affordable tiered structure to enable more Ag businesses to protect our food supply chain. Visit our cybersecurity solution page to learn more.

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