Cybersecurity Assessment

Mother Nature Isn’t Your Only Business Risk

Cyber threats can damage partnerships, your reputation, your product, and ultimately your bottom line.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about your information technology and data. It’s also about preserving the trust and integrity your brand has built over time.

Knowledge is your first defense!

ZAG’s cybersecurity risk assessment empowers you with the know-how to keep your business protected.

Begin your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to:

  • Strengthen Security: Identify and address vulnerabilities.

  • Streamline IT: Gain expert guidance for efficient operations.

  • Safeguard Data: Proactively protect valuable information.

Ensure your organization’s protection with our thorough cybersecurity assessment. Get started today.

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Cybersecurity Built for Ag

For 20 years ZAG has protected the agriculture industry from cyber threats. Our assessment is built to give you the confidence of knowing that your cybersecurity risk is minimized.

Executive Summary Report

External Security Posture Rating Report

1-hour Remediation Consultation

1-hour Post-remediation Consultation

External Vulnerability Scan Report

PC Risk Score Report

Windows Active Directory Security Report

Internal Vulnerability Scan Report

Dark Web Report

Business Deliverable

An executive overview of critical findings and areas of priority focus.

Monthly external ratings report to provide visibility into ongoing security health.

Executive and IT meeting to share findings and deliver remediation recommendations.

Check-in at 4 weeks to review your remediation progress and provide technical guidance.

Active scan of external IP address(es) to help you "see what the hackers see."

Analysis of PC security, checking for common vulnerabilities putting you at risk.

AD is a common attack vector, this report highlights risk in your AD environment.

Comprehensive internal security scan inside your network to get under the hood.

Search for corporate and customer data, and employee PII on the dark web.


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