Collaborating with EBCF to make a more equitable Bay Area

by | Jul 9, 2020 | News

With the distractions of remote work, it is easy to lose the focus necessary to keep your business on its path to success. We recognize that it may be tougher for certain organizations in today’s economic climate, so we launched a pro bono initiative to help non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations improve their IT.

An organization we have had the pleasure of working with is the East Bay Community Foundation. The EBCF “partners with donors, social movements, and the community to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity, and transform political, social, and economic outcomes for all who call the East Bay home.”

The goal is to enable the EBCF to continue to leverage IT as a competitive advantage for the community they serve. Starting with their communication and collaboration platform, we will help initiate the integration of Microsoft 365, while delivering technology strategy consulting to provide best practices to incorporate M365 into their employee’s workday. As with many of our pro bono clients, EBCF will receive a full security consultation and review to help safeguard against cybercriminals and hacking attempts.

You can learn more about our response to coronavirus on our dedicated COVID-19 resources page.

Cover image: Basil D Soufi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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