Feeling the Love: ZAG Clients Share Partnership Thoughts

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Technology Strategy

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the love with all of our clients, who allow us the opportunity to protect their environments, help make strategic technology decisions, and assist them to build a competitive advantage.

When it comes to partnership, it would be easy to tell you about what we do to support the work that our clients do. But it’s even more important to hear from them directly.

Dobler & Sons

“The biggest benefit of partnering with ZAG is that I’m not distracted by IT and can stay on other priorities,” says Jacob. “ZAG has really advanced us in the tech department, and it’s a relief to have them abreast of what’s happening in the background.”

Jacob Dobler, Controller, Dobler & Sons

Index Fresh

“[The] ZAG [team] is so knowledgeable and responsive, you’re not experiencing any downtime or hold–ups as they stumble around for answers. That’s been a big, big plus for me. And it has impacted our bottom line tremendously. There is no way I could hire a single person—or even five people—who could be experts in all the areas that ZAG are. I just call up ZAG, put them on any issue, and they come up with the answers.”

Merrill Causey, CFO, IndexFresh

Applied Physics Systems

“We’re really happy with ZAG because they care about making our business better. Everything that ZAG recommends is purely in the best interests of our business.”

“We have comfort knowing that ZAG, rather than a single person internally, understands our infrastructure. Whatever staffing changes might happen in the future, anyone from our company will still be able to call into ZAG, work with the right people, and have the information they need to continue making decisions and run the business efficiently.”

Bryan Fujii, Operations Manager, Applied Physics Systems

Markon Cooperative

“With ZAG’s help, we’re constantly aware of potential threats and Markon’s systems are ever-evolving to enhance security. While we strive to enforce best practices, provide security training for Markon staff, and implement technology to protect against threats, ZAG has been key in ‘batting cleanup’ for Markon in providing counsel, implementing solutions, and supporting Markon to reduce risk. From my perspective, Markon’s close relationship with ZAG is key to our success.”

John Eldredge, IT Director, Markon Cooperative

Pacific International Marketing

“ZAG is constantly looking out for us and managing risks we don’t even know about. You can’t put a dollar amount on the experience and support that ZAG brings to our team. They’re constantly looking out for us, managing risks we don’t even know about, and making sure we’re protected.”

“From beginning to end, when ZAG does projects, they lead it with the best people, they tell us exactly what’s going on, they give us the scope and the timeline, and we know what it’s going to cost us,” says Bryan. “Everything they do is very methodical and makes a lot of sense, which reassures us that they’re doing the right thing.”

Bryan Searcy, IT Director, Pacific International Marketing


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