Hands-on Training & Workshops, August 2020

by | Jul 22, 2020 | News

Would you like to experience Microsoft Teams and learn how it can improve your company’s productivity and team collaboration? Or perhaps you’re thinking about making the move to Azure the last migration you’ll ever do?

ZAG is pleased to sponsor exclusive, hands-on virtual workshops by Microsoft trained facilitators with deep experience in Teams and Azure. The workshops are limited to 10 seats per session and include demo environments you will use on the day.

Register today and we look forward to showing how Microsoft solutions can transform your business.

Microsoft Teams Workshops

Looking for a business communication platform that’s more than just video? One that helps your team be more productive by providing a single view into their workday? Microsoft Teams is the answer: video, chat, calls, calendar, file sharing, apps, and much more.

Register for the August 5 session

Register for the August 19 session

Microsoft Azure Workshops

Azure is a powerful platform that helps CFOs move from capex to opex, IT directors virtualize their server infrastructure and application environments, and everyone else run Windows 10 virtual desktops at lightspeed on low spec hardware from home.

Register for the August 12 session

Register for the August 26 session

Note: Space is limited to 10 participants per session for both Teams and Azure workshops. These are paid sessions sponsored by ZAG Technical Services (i.e. no cost to you).

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