Employee Spotlight: Jason Thrasher, Solutions Architect

by | Jan 11, 2022 | ZAG Culture

It’s not every day that you meet a Solutions Architect with a degree in economics, but for Jason Thrasher, the formal education prepared him for work on IT projects at ZAG.  

“I think it’s helped me to be more analytical in my approach to solving problems,” Jason said. “Economics taught me to really dive in and find the root of problems instead of quick solutions.” 

This background helps Jason focus on the work ZAG does around technology implementation and infrastructure development that rely heavily on expertise from the Solutions Architect team.

headshot of Jason in plaid collared shirt

Here, Jason shares a little more about his role:  

When did you get started in the technology industry?  

I got my start in technology through an internship where my mom was the IT Director. I worked there through college at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and often worked alongside the team here at ZAG as the company’s managed services provider (MSP). I must have made an impression, because when I graduated, ZAG asked me to come work for them.   

Why did you decide to join ZAG?  

ZAG had a lot of opportunities for me to drive the adoption of, and learn more about, technology and the role it plays in the companies we work with.  

What are the responsibilities you have in your role at ZAG?  

I’m considered more of a generalist on the Solutions Architect team, with a broad background in servers, infrastructure, networking, storage – the whole stack of options. Recently, my specialties include virtualization, identity, Cloud, and Cisco ACI.   

I’m also responsible for helping facilitate IT projects. I have around 5-10 projects at a time and I’m pushing all of those forward, either by doing hands-on work or delegating tasks to the engineering team.  

Who has supported you in your role? 

ZAG President Greg Gatzke and CTO Jim Hunton have allowed me the space to grow into this role. When I started working at ZAG, I was not a professionally trained architect or technologist, but the company has allowed me to devote time to learning everything that I need to be successful.  

What are some of your goals for building knowledge in your role? 

One goal is to continually spread knowledge to the ZAG team so more people are able to accomplish high-level work. ZAG is always looking for ways to incorporate more engineers into project-based work to ensure that the knowledge that one person might have is shared with the whole team to make us more successful. This goes back to two of our core values: teamwork throughout and exceptional the goal.   

How would you suggest the technology industry improve? 

One of the biggest areas that could improve is getting away from the stigma of IT as a cost center, and helping companies realize the business value that IT brings. IT is underlying in every part of the business – finance doesn’t operate without it, manufacturing doesn’t operate without it. It’s central to our client’s success. 


And for some personal questions…  

Do you have any hobbies or interests you’d like to share?  

Mountain biking, woodworking, and gardening  

Where is the first place you want to travel once it’s safe to do so again?  

I was planning a trip to New Zealand in 2020, so I’d like to resume planning that trip. 

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? 

I would probably tell myself to be confident in your decisions and don’t second guess yourself.   

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