Employee Spotlight: Dan King, Solutions Architect

by | Sep 9, 2021 | ZAG Culture

Solutions architects at ZAG have skillsets that encompass so much of the work we do for clients around virtualization, networking, cloud computing and strategy, storage, and more. These professionals regularly achieve specialized certifications and training that prepare them for the latest technology advancements from some of our partners, including Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, and more.

Solutions Architect Dan King, who has been with ZAG since 2012, specializes in all things Active Directory, along with virtualization and storage projects for clients across multiple markets. But he’s also involved in helping his colleagues.

“I enjoy helping other engineers and SAs learn and understand what they’re trying to do,” Dan said. “The mentoring aspect is one of the things I enjoy most about working for ZAG.”

Here, we learn a little more about Dan and his role at ZAG:

When did you get started in the technology industry? 

It started around 2000; I had a job that I didn’t like and I figured my mind could be used for something better. Around that time, I started looking into careers and came across an information technology (IT) “crash course” through Computer Training Academy (which no longer exists). IT was new and taking off at the time and I had an interest in computers.

Why did you decide to join ZAG? 

I’ve been with ZAG since 2012 when the company I was working for merged with ZAG to serve one of our largest clients. At the time, the ZAG was a working partner with my company and it made sense to work together.

What are the responsibilities you have in your role at ZAG? 

My specialization is in Active Directory, storage, virtualization (both HyperV and VMWare), and nimble storage devices. Additionally, while it’s not a significant part of my role, I enjoy mentoring other engineers and helping them understand complex projects and ideas.

What are some of your accomplishments? 

ZAG has been instrumental in helping companies recover from ransomware attacks, which has been an accomplishment. These incidents helped push me to teach myself PowerShell, which has been an interesting experience.

Share a piece of professional advice that you’ve received that stands out.  

The advice I received was from 30 years ago. I was working at K-Mart at the time and complaining to an older woman I worked with about something. She told me, “The more you know, the more you’re worth.” At the time, I figured it was a financial thing, but I realized later that it applies to you as a team member. The more you know, the more useful you are to your organization. That’s something that has stuck with me over the years.


And for more personal questions…

Do you have any hobbies or interests you’d like to share? 

Mountain biking, video games, and CrossFit

Dan King on a mountain bike in the middle of a forest

Do you have any pets?

A cat named Butter.

What is the last good book you read or movie you watched? 

I read a book from a former ZAG team member called Salmon Croquettes by Goldean Champion.

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