Employee Spotlight: Brittany Cruz, RevOps Manager

by | Aug 24, 2021 | ZAG Culture

Serving as the bridge between sales and every other department that is involved in the revenue process from beginning to end, Brittany Cruz is an essential part of ZAG’s sales and marketing teams. In her role as Revenue Operations Manager, Brittany wears the “problem solver” hat to better streamline operations internally so that ZAG can serve its clients more effectively.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve efficiencies as well as automate tasks,” Brittany said. “I support sales to ensure they have what they need to present a proposal to the client and once we receive an approval, I follow that through to invoicing.”

Brittany will celebrate one year as part of the ZAG team in September, having created and implemented a presales process to ensure requests are being completed within a timely manner. She’s also been instrumental in improving efficiencies around the Microsoft CSP and Azure business when it comes to procuring licenses and billing monthly.

Photo of Brittany Cruz, standing on green grass

Learn more about Brittany and her role below:

When did you get started in the technology industry?

I started working in the tech industry in 2014 with no prior experience. I applied to a company that I found on a “Best Places to Work in Orange County” list and that’s where I started my journey as an inside sales rep.

What are the responsibilities you have in your role at ZAG?

I’m responsible for eliminating roadblocks to enable the sales team to be successful. I’ve also taken responsibility for our vendor partnerships to ensure we are up to date with all the programs and are leveraging our partners to the maximum capacity.

What would you be doing for a career if you weren’t in IT?

If I wasn’t in IT, I would be a nurse. Prior to working in the IT industry, I started taking classes to be a nurse. I was a CNA and completing an externship at a long-term nursing facility. Unfortunately, working full time and trying to finish schooling wasn’t ideal and then I landed a job in IT and absolutely loved it.

What do you like most about your job?

I would say being able to work with every department within the organization. It’s given me the ability to understand the organization as a whole rather than bits and pieces.

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake because it can always be fixed and it could end up being the best learning experience.

Share a piece of professional advice that you’ve received that stands out.

When I first started my career in the technology industry I was encouraged to always speak up and not sit in the back of the room in silence. We all have great ideas that can provide value to an organization and there aren’t any ideas that shouldn’t be voiced.


And some personal questions…

Name three words that describe you.

Ambitious, versatile, and compassionate

Do you have any hobbies or interests you’d like to share?

I played fastpitch softball from ages 5 to 18 when I hurt my shoulder and had to hang up the cleats. Years later, I started playing slow-pitch softball with a group of friends and quickly realized how much I missed playing the sport. I still play softball to this day a few nights a week. One of my other passions is travel. The experiences and memories I’ve made visiting different parts of the world have been incredible, to say the least. I get asked all the time what my favorite place is that I’ve visited and it’s really tough to pick just one but I’d say the top two would be Costa Rica and Scotland.

Brittany, wearing a life preserver, kisses a dolphin

What is your dream travel destination?

Thailand and Bali

Tell us a little about your family.

Both my parents live within 30 miles of me and have always been my biggest fans. I’m the only girl with two younger brothers: one who is 4 ½ years younger and the other who is 23 years younger. Family has always been very important to me and I truly love and cherish every single one of them.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to try something new; you never know where a new adventure will take you in life!

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