Managed IT Services

Who's Managing Your Network While You're Running Your Business?



Managed IT Services

Who's Managing Your Network While You're Running Your Business?


Managed IT Services Provider

The most trusted and most experienced IT MSP in the greater Bay Area and beyond. With proactive Managed IT Service plans, your network will stay ahead of the curve. We can help businesses manage their IT environment, or complement their internal team, by taking on difficult and time-consuming tasks to allow your company to focus on higher priority initiatives. Effective IT does not just react to IT disasters, it detects potential threats. This offering includes monitoring, alerting, management, and remediation of server and network level issues as well as remote user support and on-site services (when required) from our team of skilled and knowledgeable Engineers

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Increase Productivity

Our Managed IT Service Plans are designed to keep your people and systems up and running. Through proactive networks, systems management and a multi-tiered support center, our goal is to minimize downtime and resolve problems quickly. 

Lower Total Cost of Service

Network monitoring and proactive maintenance reduces costs and saves time by providing critical technical support to maximize performance, and stability.

Grow Your Business

Our experts can help streamline new technology assessments to support your company’s long-term growth strategy and help you stay focused on your core business.

Protect and Secure

The scope and complexity of security threats is always growing, which is why you need a professional team on your side that understands the latest threats to your network.


Managed Services Plans

Managed Services Plans

Managed Services Plans

ZAG offers a variety of IT  Managed Services plans that are designed to fit a wide scope of business needs. Whether you have a large enterprise or small business, we have an MSP package for you. Look at our offerings below or contact us to find an MSP agreement that works best for your organization.  

Complete IT Managed Services

Choose your level of MSP with All Managed or select the services that fit your business needs. 


Managed System and Infrastructure

  • Automated workstation health monitoring with alerts on detected issues. 
  • Automated operating system updates and anti-virus monitoring
  • Third party application updates
  • Centralized monitoring of server, network devices and backups with alerting on detected issues 
  • Automated updates and management of anti-virus and server operating system

Managed User

  • Routine support tasks and end-user remote support with enhanced security capabilities 
  • Management of security groups and basic file systems and printing administration

All Managed

  • On-site support (when needed)
  • All services described above 

Preferred IT Support Agreement


For organizations who may have a smaller IT environment, ZAG offers the Preferred Support Agreement, which does not require the constant monitoring that the All Managed Plan offers.

With this option, businesses can leverage a pre-paid block of time that your employees can count on when a critical IT issue occurs.

 In addition, ZAG will provide your company with an assigned Engineering Team for Service Escalation and a quarterly Service Review and Consultation, where we will go over topics such as: User Orientation, Security, and more.