ZAG CxO Roundtable

Make IT Your Competitive Advantage

The ZAG CxO Roundtable is a growing community of C-suite executives who view IT through the prism of business value rather than technology as a cost center. This is an initiative of ZAG Technical Services, originally comprising CFOs in the food & beverage industry.

The roundtable is a virtual meeting held on the last Wednesday of the month. Roundtable members include CxOs in non-technical roles, and CxOs in technical roles with business outcome responsibilities. VPs and Directors on the fast track to the C-suite are welcome also.

The sessions comprise open dialog between members, a discussion about the business value/outcomes of a technology topic, and member presentations. The meetings are private, not recorded, and aim to facilitate executive level networking.

You will find the 2020 meeting topics on our LinkedIn page, along with interesting and relevant posts. If you would like to participate in the CxO Roundtable with like-minded leaders, please send a message to the Robert Collings at ZAG via LinkedIn or fill the form below.

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