Basic Security Measures


Basic Security Measures

Preventing Cyber Crime

Attacks are rising in frequency and sophistication. Your organization must protect itself from criminal who wish to infultrate your systems and hold your business ransom. 

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Basic Cyber Security Measures


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  • Change Administrator User Name
  • Enable Account Lockouts
  • Add Web Filtering Software
  • Patch Systems on a Timely Basis
  • Add Anti-virus Everywhere
  • Segmentation of Admin Roles
  • Turn on Server and PC Firewalls
  • Implement Air Gap Backups
  • Implement SAN with Secure Snapshots

Cyber Security Frameworks

Cyber Security Frameworks

Cyber Security Assessments

Our security assessments are designed to address the unique needs of the SMB, mid-market and SME organizations. The ZAG Security Assessments provides a structured assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and maturity in regards to the Information Technology processes. These assessments are based on the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls and NIST Cybersecurity Framework. 

At the end of each assessment a document of findings and recommendations based on analysis of IT environment will be provided and presented along with our recommendations to reduce the amount of cyber security risk.

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Practical Security

Security Framework

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