Supporting the rights of under-represented families in our community

by | Jul 8, 2020 | News

Cyberattacks are a serious issue. Unfortunately, since COVID-19 arrived, hacking is on the rise. Security and safeguarding your business against hackers is one of the many IT related issues we care greatly about. Through our pro bono initiative, we set out to help select organizations improve their IT security.

The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley (LFSV) is one organization we are pleased to welcome to our pro bono initiative. Focused on advancing the rights of under-represented individuals and families in our diverse community, this organization has been working extra hard to achieve social justice for the common good. We are more than delighted to be able to share our IT knowledge and expertise to help LFSV achieve its mission.

Our work with the LFSV will involve technology strategy discussion and a review of several common IT security considerations. As you might appreciate, we won’t disclose that here other than to restate they are in good shape and we are pleased to be adding value, including delivery of dark web scans.

Our pro bono initiative is one of the ways the ZAG team contributes to the community we serve. Although applications to the program are currently closed while we deliver on our commitments to applicants including DigitalNEST and Sky Island Alliance, we encourage you to check out our COVID-19 resource pages to learn more.

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