Improving collaboration in the Sky Island region of Arizona & Mexico

by | Jul 3, 2020 | News

ZAG’s pro bono initiative is designed to help organizations secure their networks against the rise in opportunistic cyberattacks, while also ensuring they’re able to use technology as a competitive advantage as they work to achieve their mission. In our last post we highlighted our work with DigitalNEST in Salinas, California.

Today I’d like to share how we’re helping the team at Sky Island Alliance in Tucson, Arizona.

With their commitment to protecting and restoring the diversity of life and lands in the Sky Island region of the United States and Mexico, we are thrilled to help an organization focused on issues as important as conservation.

Sky Island Alliance came to ZAG needing to better leverage existing Microsoft solutions in their day-to-day work. With COVID-19 resulting in the team now working remote from their primary office in Tucson, we’re helping them improve their use of Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration solution. In addition to delivering technology consulting services, we’re also working to optimize their SharePoint instance.

We’re pleased to help non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations prepare for their post-coronavirus “normal.” As the economic and business landscape continues to change, we remain committed to our vision of technology being a competitive advantage for our clients and the communities we all serve.

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