Supporting rural Californian communities through technology career centers

by | Jul 2, 2020 | News

It was only a few weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown that we noticed an unfortunate rise in opportunistic cyberattacks against essential businesses and non-profit organizations. We also know that businesses face new challenges with evolving hybrid remote work environments. Most organizations will not be able to work through the change alone. We decided to do something about it, and set out to help non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations prepare for their “new normal.”

For the past few months, ZAG donated 100% of team resources not assigned to client projects to help select organizations improve their IT systems and processes. One of these organizations is DigitalNEST.

DigitalNEST is a non-profit organization focused on integrating technology education into the rural, Californian communities of Watsonville and Salinas. By creating sustainable technology career centers, DigitalNEST helps youth in the community build the skills enabling them to succeed in the workforce.

DigitalNEST and the ZAG Team will work together to help setup wireless infrastructure at their new Salinas technology center. Our pro bono program is one of the many ways we contribute to the broader community we serve. We look forward to checking in with the team at DigitalNEST once the project is complete, and to sharing more about the important work they do for rural communities in California.

To learn more about DigitalNEST, visit their website

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