Trucks Gotta Ship, Protecting the Produce Industry from Cybercrime

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Security

In the world of fresh produce, we understand that one thing matters above everything else: “trucks gotta ship.” The role IT plays in this has grown exponentially over the past decade. IT now has the potential to be the difference between product shipped and product lost. While the uptime of the core business systems, disaster recovery, and business continuity have been well-known topics in this subject – there is another that for too long has been left to the side: IT Security.

Gone are the days when hackers focused on stealing data from enterprise companies and financial institutions. Today the name of the game is cash—your cash—and it is now a multi-billion dollar international industry.

Sophisticated phishing attacks, spoofing your email domain, social engineering your users are all in the effort to have someone in your organization wire money to an offshore account. We all know someone who’s had this happen to them. Sometimes tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. The ability to protect your company from these attacks is within your power, and we want to help where we can.

ZAG offers three tiers of Security Awareness solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients and partners. These are some of the questions you should be able to answer:

  • Do you know what hackers can see about your company today?
  • Do you know if your username/logins are for sale on the dark web?
  • Do you know if your network is open to exploits?

We designed these Security Awareness solutions to show you where your risk is today. Knowledge is power—and with IT security, that power is what protects your revenue.

Our Security Awareness solutions are designed to be affordable and deliver valuable information quickly. While some companies may benefit from a wide-scale security audit, these solutions provide a fast, high-level view of where your company stands today so you can commit more of your investment into solutions and less into audits and reviews.

Contact us today to discuss your company, what’s important to you, and find a path to ensuring that your company’s finances are secure so you can stay focused on delivering the highest quality fresh produce to your clients. We serve at the pleasure of the produce industry and are grateful to play a part in helping feed the world.

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