Improving Education Outcomes in Monterey County Through Technology

by | Jul 10, 2020 | News

We launched a pro bono program to help non-profit, education, and healthcare organizations with their IT during COVID-19. One of the organizations accepted into the initiative is the Gonzales Unified School District (GUSD). Serving Monterrey County, the GUSD sees its students as the primary resource of the community. ZAG’s mission is to “enable our clients to succeed” and so the GUSD is perfect match.

The focus of our work will be work on their Active Directory instance, along with the creation of a Restore VM. When GUSD employees accidentally delete files, their IT team want to more easily help users find their files for them. We’re pleased to be able to deliver these updates, boosting the productivity of their team and helping deliver improved education outcomes for students.

You can learn more about our response to coronavirus on our dedicated COVID-19 resources page.

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