Guest Post: Why MSPs Like ZAG Matter in the Food Supply Chain

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Managed Services

This guest post was contributed by Tobias Wisner, Marketing Coordinator for Latitude 36 Foods, a valued ZAG client.

If you’ve been reading the news at all, it’s plain to see that critical industries across the United States are under attack. Ransomware offensives are being waged against essential supply chains, and not even fuel or food production firms are safe from this threat. For example, just look at the Colonial Pipeline and JBS attacks. While these made international headlines, there are hundreds (if not thousands) more that happen every year that don’t.

While identity theft was all the rage a few years ago, hackers have learned that targeting companies with ransomware is much easier and more lucrative — meaning industries that are the backbone of the American economy need to have perimeters in place to protect against these threats. The reality is that they’re happening all the time.

By its very nature, efforts to protect from these kinds of threats are reactive, while the bad guys are afforded the luxury of being proactive. Our own CFO, Dale Cox, said it best, “The tough thing about network security is you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Not if, but when the bad guys figure out a way around defenses, all firms need to be prepared for the unexpected. There needs to be a barrier in place that tells malicious actors loud and clear, “Don’t you dare mess with me,” long before these attacks happen.

Food production is one of these supply chains that can’t afford to have any anomalies in that barrier.

Companies need a team of experts that can scan for potential issues, so that they can be prepared by implementing practices like multi-factor authentication (MFA), regular training against phishing attempts, and awareness that network security is the responsibility of every team member, not just the IT department.

Considering this, technology MSPs that protect from these kinds of threats and provide these services are more valuable now than ever before.

This is why Latitude 36 Foods is proud to have ZAG Technical Services as a partner.

Since the beginning of our operations, ZAG has served as not only our consultants but also our defensive perimeter. They help us get the most out of our technology, and ensure that our organization is prepared to deal with the realities of the criminal network lurking in the digital sphere.

From traditional tech support to high-level network security, ZAG has helped us grow into the leader in portion-packed salad condiments because ZAG knows us, and has actionable insights to aid us in the fight we’re fighting every day against the bad guys. This is a constant battle, and when it comes to feeding America, this battle cannot afford to be lost.

ZAG has been there for us not just as a partner, but as an industry friend who has our back and enables us to be successful through preparation.

We wouldn’t be where we are without the security provided to us by ZAG. They have been both the steward and the solution for our network security needs, and we’ve risen to a place of prestige in the food industry because we know we have an ally in the fight against the bad guys, which is worth its weight in gold.


Dale Cox, CFO, Latitude 36 Foods, discusses the ZAG partnership and the technology that helps the company reach its goals.

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