The Problem With Sleeping

by | Feb 12, 2019 | News

Laptop advancements have been significant over the years. They are the productivity tool of today. A simple example of this is how we can put a laptop to sleep by simply closing the cover. Users quickly get back to work simply by reopening the cover. We continue working as if we never left.

While this is great for productivity, it has a significant negative impact on security. Laptops are being rebooted much less frequently than ever before. In fact, people often don’t remember when they last did a full reboot.

In many cases, a system isn’t protected by the patch until a full reboot is performed.

Because of this, ZAG has moved to standardize reboot enforcement to ensure patches are completely installed. We do this in a user-friendly manner by giving the user ample opportunity to reboot. Without forced reboots, an environment can never be considered secure.

ZAG encourages everyone to review their patching methodology and ensure that systems are truly patched. If you do anything short of this, you are susceptible and vulnerable to a potential attack. IT must manage your environment actively to ensure the company is protected.

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