The One Thing – Cisco Duo MFA Lunch ‘n Learn

by | May 12, 2021 | News

From Colonial Pipeline to Twitter to (insert hacked company that didn’t make the news) there’s barely a day that goes by without a hacking event.

Since cybercriminals will always find a way into a targeted network, the question becomes: how can we slow them down?

There is one way. MFA.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a simple and effective way for every company to improve their overall security posture.

Learn how in this virtual lunch ‘n learn session presented by Cisco Duo and ZAG Technical Services.

What you’ll learn

  • 30-minute session introducing the benefits of multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Gain insights into the threat landscape, and how MFA improves overall security posture
  • Presented by the Cisco Duo team
  • Suitable for a non-technical audience

Two session options

If you cannot attend this session, we are running a live repeat .

The last Lunch ‘n Learn?

As in-person events start to return, this will be our last virtual lunch ‘n learn. We hope it’s the final one for a century …

Standby as we take ZAG on the road in late 2021.

About that lunch

We use Grubhub for our lunch ‘n learn events. Lunch value $30. To be eligible, you must register with a company/employer email address, and must attend the presentation on the day.

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