The Microsoft Software Asset Management Letter

by | Aug 5, 2015 | News

Over the past year we have noticed many more customers receiving Microsoft Software Asset Management letters. Many customers report that these feel like a Microsoft Software License Audit. These letters ask the customer to confirm their accurate use of Microsoft software. Since many clients have acquired Microsoft licensing many different way over the years, it is frequently difficult for a client to easily determine what they own and what they are using. These engagements are known as SAM letters.

SAM (Software Asset Management) is a function within Microsoft that focuses on customer compliancy. As Microsoft’s business evolves to be more cloud focused, users with on premise licenses are subject to a software inventory audit. SAM is normally the first entrée to the audit process. This post is to demystify SAM and quell the angst and concern associated.

It’s time we move past SAM with the negative connotations and into what it is meant to be, a software asset management lifecycle program. In doing this, organizations can understand their licensing perspective and rest assured that they are properly licensed on an ongoing basis.

It is our belief that organizations that are under licensed are in such a situation through error, not on purpose. Licensing is complicated after all. This confusion is where errors happen.

Organizations need a true life cycle plan. We need to move past SAM as an audit and into SAM as a program. ZAG realized offering a SAM service to customers is a value add and learning experience to minimize risk to your organization thus we are now officially SAM certified with Microsoft. Not only do we have the ability to assist customers through a licensing review, we can assist them to ensure their licensing is correct on an ongoing basis. Only in this way can your organization be comfortable that you are correctly licensed.

Please feel free to engage us today to learn what a SAM offering looks like and how it can benefit your organization.

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