Google, Now Windows 7 – Two Zero Day Exploits in One Week

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Security

Following the discovery of vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, Security Lead and Engineering Director, Justin Schuh, urged Chrome users to update to the newest version “like right this minute.” This update prevents hackers from taking advantage ofserious vulnerabilities that allow them to execute malicious code. While Google has not released the information detailing the bugs and links, historically speaking, most zero day exploits have resulted in exposing sensitive data and financial losses.

In the same week, Google’s Security Blog released a blog post pointing out Windows 7’s vulnerabilities that “can still be used to elevate privileges or combined with another browser vulnerability to evade security sandboxes.”*

What can you do to protect yourself?

Take immediate action and update Chrome on all your systems – MAC, Linux, Windows if it is not automatically updated.  If you are still using Windows 7, update to a newer version immediately.

Our Managed Security Assurance clients appreciate our approach to managing all laptops, workstations and servers.  Our monitoring & management platforms apply patches as soon as systems connect to the internet.

Be mindful it only takes one to infect the entire company.

*Source: Google Security Blog

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