Email Security: What’s in a Domain Name?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | News

There is a trending epidemic related to your company’s email security.  Criminals are setting up fake domains by doing things like replacing the letter “m” with “r n” in the domain name (i.e. is replaced with

Your company’s Exchange Administrator may take a shortcut and simply block incoming emails from these types of domains, but we believe this is shortsighted. This only protects your business from attacks coming in. Lack of aggressive action may cause threats of attacks occurring against your customer base.

Companies must be mindful of criminals using look-alike domains, or your customers may suffer the consequences. Fake domains could allow these criminals to steal money from your company and/or your customers. If money is stolen from your customers in this manner, the company-customer relationship will be negatively impacted, despite not having done anything wrong yourselves.

ZAG has had at least four clients hit by one of these attacks within the last three weeks alone. Fortunately, none of them have suffered losses from this, but there have been cases where they have come close to falling victims to this scam.

Companies need to be mindful of this threat. We recommend that businesses acquire registration for domain names that are similar to their own. We also recommend confirming ACH changes through multiple factors to achieve true financial security.

This risk is real and must be addressed immediately. And though this may be an outside-the-box approach, we feel this solution can greatly protect you. If you want to be secure, you must stay vigilant.

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