Agriculture and IT

by | Jul 9, 2015 | News

Today Forbes hosted the AgTech Summit, which is part of their Reinventing America series.  This was a very powerful summit with a great deal of information.  The conference was held in Salinas, CA which is ideal given the Agriculture background and closeness to Silicon Valley.

The future of technology in agriculture will be critical. In fact, Ag is expected to be one of the largest users of the IOT.  Drones for agriculture is quickly going to outgrow the use of Drones for Military.  And most importantly, the forecasted population growth will require dramatic technological improvements to keep up with the needed food supply.

The Salinas and Silicon Valley pairing will be ideal for this dramatic need.  It is great to see the alignment brought into the forefront through such great programs as the Forbes #reinventingamerica.  The effort underway by both startups and the largest established firms is awesome.  ZAG is honored to be a part of this effort and industry.

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