Technology Security Compliance

Removing Complexity, Removing Risk

Understanding which information technology security rules, regulations, and standards are relevant to your organization can be a full-time job. Most companies don’t have the resources, knowledge, or experience to fulfil their compliance obligations, which is why they turn to us for help.

We understand that every compliance journey is as unique as the business undertaking it. Don’t waste months trying to figure this out yourself. Our team of technology strategists and compliance experts can guide your journey.

Our mission is to enable your success. We’ll help you get compliance audits and remediation out of the way so that you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Types of Compliance

There are many different types of compliance, from HIPAA to DFARS to Sarbanes Oxley. Our focus is IT security compliance. NIST, CMMC, SOC-2, ITAR, we can help.

When DIY Compliance Makes Sense

Companies with in-house IT, cybersecurity, HR, legal expertise are usually well placed to manage their compliance requirements.

Even so, independent audits are often required (rather than self-assessments). If you have an audit need, we can introduce to our recommended partner.

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The IT Security Compliance Journey

In our experience, the companies we speak with are usually in one of three stages on their compliance journey. They’re either new to the process, are aware of requirements but not fully engaged, or are engaged but need help getting the project over the line.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help.

Stage 1. New to the IT compliance process

There are a multitude of IT compliance standards that may (or may not) be relevant to your company’s operations. But where do you start?

Consider which standards you must comply with? Also, understand your compliance time objective?

Sometime the time objective is issued by a third party. If it is not, you want to establish your own time objectives with the understanding that—given the evolving IT security environment— demands from government, partners, vendors, and customers for your IT standards posture information will only increase.

We can help with our IT Compliance Management Assessment. It is a quick process, is usually complete with 10 days, and provides real data on you level of compliance, an action plan, and assistance implementing the plan.

Stage 2. Aware but not fully engaged, yet

Your team knows the standards to which your company must comply. You started to assess your security posture, policies, and procedures. You may be a little astonished at the volume of activities and documents involved. Constraints in available staff or time can make the process even more daunting.

If this is where you find yourself today, we can help with by a gap analysis to assess your progress, validate your vulnerability assessment, and organize an action plan based on where you are in your journey.

Stage 3. Engaged and requiring assistance?

You have a partially or fully developed gap analysis and may have begun the remediation process. However, the process is not moving as fast as required. Perhaps you hit the limits of your team’s expertise, or you simply have more pressing issues in your business.

You may have some challenges with the organization of documentation and other evidence required for audit. You may have found that the process you have engaged will not scale as you move through remediation through to audit, ongoing document approvals, vendor risk management, compliance management.

We can assist with network security remediation, project management, documentation, vendor risk, and ongoing compliance management. If this resonates, our goal is to help you get beyond the finish line.

Your next steps

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