Network Security Awareness

A Tiered Assessment of Your Network Security

Every year most of us go the doctor to get a physical. A checkup to ensure we’re healthy and to uncover any serious issues we might not be aware of. The same should be true of your business’ IT security posture. We’d like to improve your awareness of the health of your IT security.

“There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don’t know they have been hacked.”

– John Chambers, former executive chairman and CEO, Cisco

The COVID Work From Home Challenge

The move to remote work changed the security threat landscape overnight. Cybercriminals were not slow to respond. According to the FBI, cybercrime incidents increased by 300% since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

You are likely familiar with the changes in your business that made it easier for hackers to compromise your network:

  • Employees using insecure consumer-grade WiFi routers at home, with family members using your work machines (or workers logging in from personal devices)
  • Workers sharing documents without asset management policies in place, e.g. emailing Excel files back and forth
  • Employees sharing more on social media, opening them to spear phishing attacks which exposes you to threats like ACH fraud

Security is no longer an optional add-on, and successful organizations integrate it into everything they do. As the saying goes, defense wins championships.

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Hackers health check your network, you should too

Too many businesses don’t know what cybercriminals and hackers know about their network. They don’t know whether user account credentials are on the dark web, whether their email can be spoofed, or even whether their network is open to the internet. If you don’t have this level of awareness, we can help.

A Tiered Approach to Security Awareness

We created a comprehensive network security assessment that is low impact and high ROI for your business. It will help you know what cybercriminals know about your network, from stolen account credentials to email spoofing threats to open network ports.

You can choose to start with an external scan to see what hackers see, and then graduate to a comprehensive internal assessment of your network security posture. Each option includes a conference call with our team, who will walk you through our findings.

Spear Phishing Exposure

Internet Vulnerability Scan

(# IP Addresses)

Dark Web Scan

(# Email Domains)

Active Directory Review

Firewall Review

Network Review

Extensive Interview with Solution Architect

Review of Findings

Tier 1



30 min. call

Tier 2



30 min. call

Tier 3



60 min. call

What’s included in the review

Spear Phishing Exposure

DMARC/DKIM/SPF help prevent unauthenticated parties from sending mail from your domain. This reduces spam, spoofing, and financial risk from hackers. We perform this review to determine if you are using these important technologies to protect your company.

Internet Vulnerability Scan

We will look at what is visible about your company via the internet. Internet vulnerabilities can allow attackers to run code, access a system’s memory, install malware, and steal, destroy or modify sensitive data.

Dark Web Scan (i.e.

We will determine if your organization’s usernames/passwords are listed for sale on the dark web.

Active Directory Review

Active Directory is where access to your applications and data are protected, where users authenticate into your network, and where the systems that your users have access to is controlled. We will review your Active Directory for best practice standards, and remediation recommendations.

Firewall Review

The firewall is the security guard at the front door of your network, protecting your organization from threats delivered via the internet. We will review your firewall for best practice standards, and remediation recommendations.

Network Review

Your network is a key component of protecting your company’s data and finances, it is at the center of how workstations, servers and software communicate within your organization. We will review your network for best practice standards, and remediation recommendations.

Extensive Interview with Solution Architect

Solution Architects are our most senior engineers at ZAG. A member of that team will review the findings of this review in detail, document the findings in detail, and provide a roadmap for remediation of any issues found. Our Solution Architect will review the findings with you to answer questions and provide additional insight to help enable your company to succeed, by using increased security to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.


Conference call with a ZAG engineer, written document listing problems and remediations. (Tier 3 also includes remediation prioritizations.)

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