Incident Response Planning

An Action Plan To Protect Your Business

It’s not a matter of if your organization will experience a cybersecurity incident or outage, but when.

Expenses like cyber insurance provide funding after the fact, but preparation is critical to ensuring your company fully recovers in the event of an outage or IT security  incident.

“Organizations must know how to respond to attacks by having a formalized Incident Response plan in place. These plans are the key to a successful outcome should an intrusion occur.”

— Greg Gatzke, CEO, ZAG Technical Services


The goal of an incident response plan is to prepare an organization to contain a cyber threat quickly and effectively, while continuing normal business operations.

The plan is a playbook for how your organization will respond to a disaster. A disaster can take many forms ranging from a sustained power outage at a data center to a criminal attack.

Having an incident response plan in place is also becoming a requirement for organizations to qualify for cyber insurance policies, making it a critical piece of preparedness.


  • IR Plan Creation: Prepare your organization to contain a cyber threat and quickly execute a recovery effort.
  • Disaster Event Remediation Task List: Secure data, restore services, and plug security holes.
  • Cyber Event Workflow: Create a clearly defined process for remediating an incident.
  • Security Recommendations: Leverage training protocols plus technology to amplify security efforts.

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Successful organizations integrate security into everything they do. As the saying goes, defense wins championships.

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Learn More About IR Planning

If you are new to creating an incident response plan, ZAG’s CEO, Greg Gatzke, shares how incident response, disaster recovery, and business continuity are the three main tenants of the survivability of an organization in the event of a disaster.


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