Managed Services Support: An Emphasis on Service

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Managed Services

For our clients who look to ZAG to be a true partner in addressing IT issues, they know they’re reaching someone who will proactively solve them so they can get back to work quickly. The ZAG help desk is there when our clients need this kind of support.

And what our clients hope to find is not only an answer to their technology challenge, but also an understanding person at the other end of the line.

ZAG managed services clients rely on members of our support staff to solve their technology challenges quickly and efficiently – with an emphasis on service. Recently, our Client Services team engaged in customer service training aimed at fulfilling our core value of continuous improvement to gain additional insights about customer service.

Afterward, I had the opportunity to talk to some of our Client Services team members and gain a better understanding of how they view their roles.


A personal, human touch

“When people call in, they’re not expecting a script or something robotic, they’re reaching a person. It’s about that human experience and moving the issue forward to either escalate the problem or solving it.”

Joel Pijanowski, Client Services Support Engineer II

“Customer service is about feeling like the person on the other end of the line cares about your issue.”

Anthony Fogg, Escalations Engineer II


Being understanding in a stressful time

“Empathy is key. You can tell when someone is paying attention, so I focus on being attentive and making sure they know that you understand how important the issue is. A lot of times, people call us and they’re upset but as soon as you convey that you know how urgent it is, their demeanor changes.”

Bert Reyes, Client Services Support Engineer II

“Customer service is about being polite, courteous, helpful, and understanding.”

Roxana Vickrey, Client Services Support Engineer I


Building a plan

“Customer service is about experience. The whole journey for the customer matters; making sure their experience with ZAG is the best that it can be and providing them with a resolution is part of the overall experience.”

Caleb Blaylock, Client Services Support Engineer II

“Customer service is about actively listening and then building an action plan for how you’re going to work the issue. For us, outlining what we’re going to do, step by step, and reassuring the client that we understand how frustrating the issue is.”

Corbin Flechsig, Client Services Support Engineer II


Communication is critical

“It’s so important to communicate to clients effectively and in a timely manner. In client support, over communication is better.”

Michael Armstrong, Escalations Engineering Manager

“I agree that communication is one of the biggest pieces of customer service. People are usually really understanding even if it’s not the immediate fix they might want, as long as they know we’re working on it and keeping them up to date.”

Jessica McGarrity, Client Services Support Engineer II


The bottom line: The critical work that ZAG does is to provide an opportunity where technology is a competitive advantage to all their clients. As part of this objective, it is important to have an excellent customer service foundation for our team. This comes from open communication across the team and in the spirit of continuous improvement, the persistent efforts to keep learning, growing, and improving the customer experience.

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