ZAG Donates Team Resources to Protect Non-Profits, Education, Healthcare

by | May 20, 2020 | Media Releases

May 20, 2020, San Jose, California – In response to the unprecedented increase in cyberattacks, malware, and cryptolocking incidents by criminal gangs using COVID-19 to exploit organizations critical to the economy, ZAG Technical Services, Inc. today announced that the company will donate 100% of team resources to help non-profits, education institutes and school districts, healthcare providers, and a range of essential businesses, to improve their IT systems and processes.

All work will be delivered pro bono on a first-come, first-serve basis with applicants first undergoing a brief and informal discussion about their IT environment with ZAG’s team.

Specifically, ZAG will allocate 100% of employee time not assigned to client projects to the pro bono program, across their solutions architects, engineering, and technology strategy groups.

The engagement starts with applicants answering a short questionnaire on ZAG’s website, followed by a brief discovery call, and then an assessment of ZAG’s capability to help the organization.

“We are concerned by the rise in opportunistic cyberattacks on essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said ZAG President Greg Gatzke. “From fresh produce companies to hospitals, everyone is fair game to cybercriminals.”

“Defense wins championships, and great defense is built on sound strategy and planning,” he said. “We designed the program to help organizations with this first, with the opportunity to graduate to technology health checks, and in some cases pro bono remediation work.”

ZAG’s expert team will start by delivering strategy consulting to help organizations prepare for the future, with turnaround from application to engagement inside of five business days.

Successful applicants will be guided through three tiers in a graduated process:

  1. Technology strategy consulting sessions, to help you chart a clear path for the future
  2. Technology health checks, to provide guidance for future IT investments
  3. Remediation work, on a case-by-case basis

The program launches today, is open to a wide range of organizations with an emphasis on non-profits, education, healthcare and COVID-19 declared “essential businesses.”

Applications can be submitted via the company’s dedicated COVID-19 Response page:

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