MSP Case Study: Beyond Managed IT Services

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Case Studies

New client realizes they need comprehensive technology strategy and consulting, rather than traditional managed IT services.

“Proactive maintenance and monitoring of IT environments can prevent downtime, close security holes and provide an overall increase in company productivity. In today’s environment, that competitive advantage can be a major driver of business growth.”
— Greg Gatzke, President, ZAG Technical Services


A manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley realized they needed a new perspective regarding IT support and service management. The complexity of the business had grown and was running up against legacy cost controls and a reactive approach to technology services.

IT service management was solely focused on resolving immediate computer, server, and network issues that had already caused downtime and interrupted productivity. The company realized it was time for a new approach—a preemptive process that would prevent common issues, provide better network security, reduce downtime, and allow them to focus on business goals.

The company knew they needed time to focus on their core value-added business needs such as improving manufacturing processes and leveraging their ERP system for maximum value through predictive analysis reports and supply chain integration enhancements. This would require new technologies and streamlined processes from IT support.

The client engaged ZAG Technical Services after hearing about our comprehensive approach from client references and vendor partners such as Microsoft and Cisco.

“In talking to ZAG it became apparent that we needed something more than just a fixed fee help desk. We needed an organization that could help us build our environment on a stable platform,” said the CFO. “ZAG was a group that was able to come in and do just that.”


We needed something more than just a fixed fee help desk. We needed an organization that could help us build our environment on a stable platform.
— Client’s CFO

ZAG Technology Strategists interviewed the key stakeholders to identify company requirements and review strategic needs, as well as immediate risks and vulnerabilities that were occurring on a regular basis. The current process was reactive using workarounds and temporary fixes. To make matters worse, it was common practice to hire inexperienced entry-level IT staff.

For example, whenever remote workers struggled to access server applications and files in the office, network security was compromised by opening up firewall ports to allow unrestricted access from any location. This satisfied employee needs but opened the company up to significant risk from cyber security threats and hackers who are always seeking out unprotected networks for easily accessible targets.

ZAG’s thorough analysis pinpointed the instability of the network as the biggest factor leading to frequent outages that impacted production.

ZAG devised a plan that would not only lead to increased stability of the network but would also reduce costs long-term. ZAG deployed new cloud managed Meraki switches and firewalls and migrated email away from an on-premise Exchange Server that required extra backup and maintenance, to Office 365. In addition, ZAG setup operational maintenance of the servers, workstations and network, and took over the responsibility of first line support.


We helped the client increase productivity by moving beyond traditional Managed IT Services.

After these changes, the IT department was no longer viewed as a cost center that causes downtime for the organization. IT was now contributing to the business and helping the company remain competitive in its marketplace.

Offering true ownership and responsibility through much greater breadth and depth of IT management, client IT support goes far beyond traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP) capabilities. ZAG enables clients to truly succeed and grow their business, instead of being hampered by legacy cost controls and a reactive mindset.


The company realized that investing in IT as a long-term strategic business resource, would offer much greater value in operational productivity, enabling them to serve their customers and grow their business.

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Customer Profile

Customer: Anonymous
Customer size: Enterprise >1,000 employees
Country or region: Bay Area, California, United States
Industry: Manufacturing
Partner: ZAG Technical Services
Partner website:

This privately owned company is based in Silicon Valley, California.

Introduction to Basic Cybersecurity Measures

  • Change administrator user name
  • Enable account lockouts
  • Add web filtering software
  • Patch systems on a timely basis
  • Add antivirus everywhere
  • Segment admin roles
  • Enable server and PC firewalls
  • Implement air gap backups
  • Implement SAN with secure snapshots

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