Customers frequently ask us how to define our value when referring us to their peers.  From the beginning, way back in 1998, we always wanted to be much more than just a computer consultant.  We wanted to become a computer consulting firm, with a team of people that worked together to help bay area clients with IT management, consulting, services, and support.

Almost 20 years later with more people in a much larger team, we still want to become something more than we already are.  It's human nature, to progress and develop, to serve and provide more value.  Today, there are many words customers use to define what we do, from IT management and consulting, to IT services and support.  Whenever we try to shorten our own definition to one tagline or another, customers ask us if we can also help them with something else.  In most cases, the answer is YES.  Whether it's IT Procurement and Life Cycle Asset Management, IT Project Management, or Strategic IT Planning ... the answer is YES.

Engineering-Driven.  Customer-Focused.  Best Practice Standardized.

These days, many customers realize the value of stability and reliability in their IT environment, and have raised expectations about IT management.  Rather than waiting for an incident to occur and waiting for a vendor to respond, our best client relationships are the ones that start from a place of trust and responsibility.  When we own IT, we are responsible for IT.  Many vendors call this Managed IT Services, but it goes beyond simply managing IT.  Our clients want us to actually own IT and be responsible enough to proactively ensure IT works every day to support the people in the business doing their work.

Beyond simply monitoring and updating software on a regular basis, or having an IT Help Desk fully staffed for fixed fee support.  Beyond having System Engineers provide onsite support to appease users' fears of needing someone they can grab in the hallway at a moment's notice.  Beyond having a single vendor that tracks all your IT hardware, software, and service purchases for simplified budgeting and asset management.

Enabling Our Clients to Succeed.

Our best clients tell us they want a real team with significant breadth and depth.  Subject matter expertise in every technology related area possible, delivered from a single unified team, working together as a trusted business partner.  Our most valuable work is frequently delivered in the role of Virtual CIO, where senior executive management needs an experienced resource that not only translates the technical details into business value, but also leverages technology to advance business goals, in the form of revenue and profit growth,  operational efficiency, and employee empowerment.

Learn more about specific value we have demonstrated to clients over the years by reading some of our client IT case studies.  More value is being created every day.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you as well.