Citrix Workspace Suite

Modern Companies need modern day solutions for their business needs. Citrix Worksapce Suite offers a variety of applications and solutions that can fit seamlessly with most environments. Citrix empowers you and your employees to work more efficiently by giving your organization secure access to apps, desktops, files and data through nearly any device. The ability to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become increasingly important for the present-day employees.  ZAG is Citrix virtualization specialist and a Gold Solution Advisor. This has allowed us to gain the knowledge necessary to deploy Citrix at an Enterprise level for businesses of any size. 

Citrix Workspace Suite Solutions


  • Full Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  
  • Securely access desktops and data 
  • Easy-to-use interface for employees
  • Runs Virtual Machines to protect sensitive data


  • Mobile Device Management 
  • Mobile Application Management 
  • Enterprise-level mobile apps for secure email, browser and file sharing
  • Deploy on premises or in the cloud 


  • Remote Access to  Windows apps & data
  • Supported by any   network on any  device 
  • Centralizes apps in the datacenter to protect Intellectual Property


  • Secure file sync with desktop onto cloud
  • Access, sync and share files with people inside and outside business 
  • Allow employees to collaborate on single document or file 

Citrix Workspace Benefits



Your employees can now meet online, send files securely and and keep track of people, projects and processes with Workspace Suite.Provide your workforce with tools that will ensure their success by implementing this great collaboration tool. 

Security And Compliance

Secure your businesses confidential information and maximize access and collaboration at the same time. Workspace Suite reduces the risk of a data breach and protect corporate data without affecting user availability or usability.   

Bring-Your-Own Device

Businesses must ensure that corporate data is well protected from loss or theft, and still maintain privacy and risk management updates. reduce IT costs and secure data, apps and devices, while empowering your workforce to increasing productivity, collaboration and mobility.

App And Desktop Virtualization

With Citrix Workspace Suite, organizations can now centralize apps and desktops in their data center, instead of hosting them on a local server or devices. Virtualization allows your employees to access apps and desktops on the device of their choosing, when and where they want. This can save money in the long run by placing whole operating systems and apps in the cloud where they can automatically update, rather than buying a new device every three years or so. By shifting processing to the data center you can increase the useful lifetimes of your devices. 

Enterprise Mobility

Businesses of any size can now empower employees to work from anywhere while still providing maintaining full control with Workspace Suite. Mobility used to be a luxury for major companies; now, it is a business need for many companies. Companies need to re-evaluate existing mobility management strategies in order to compensate for mobility's increased complexity. This includes the increase in BYOD initiates, employee off boarding, and the growing number of cyber attacks.