Asset Management System

ZAG’s Warranty Insight Assessment collects information on all network-attached devices and servers to identify EOL/EOS, non-compliant and out of warranty infrastructure.  Your company will receive a Report of Findings, so we can enable your success through strategic planning.  

Warranty Management 

Devices out of warranty? Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

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Assessment Summary

Devices approaching EOS/EOL or with expired warranties can be a costly mistake:Security risks, Software incompatibility, Degraded performance, Device failure and downtime Increased operational costs, Compliance issues. 

Running IT operations successfully relies on reliable and accurate information. Do you know: How many network connected devices you

  • What platforms and software versions are they running?
  • Are the devices set up according to agreed policies?
  • Are critical systems running on servers at near EOL?
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