The CFO plays an incredibly important function in any network. This may seem like a bold statement, but in fact, the CFO is a critical factor in any network. This statement is true because of the following factors:

The CFO is most often the direct recipient of most attacks. After all, the CFO is the holder of the cash that many criminals are after. Every organization should implement controls to thwart these attacks. In fact, ZAG engineers are experts in most of them including:

  • Firewall implementation and management
  • Intrusion Detection Systems and Prevention
  • Antivirus implementation and management
  • Server and PC Management and Patching
  • Active Directory security
  • SQL Security
  • Etc.

But when all is said and done, the network is still at risk. In the world of zero day exploits, we can never be completely at peace. That is why every IT leader should make a friend of the CFO. The IT leader should ensure that every possible precaution has been put in place. This includes obvious things such as Positive Pay, ACH and other finance protections.

In today's world, IT cannot be an island. IT must work with the CFO to ensure that protections are properly put in place. ZAG has a long history of working on these types of issues and knows how to talk to the CFO to ensure that all layers, not just the IT layers, are in place to protect the organization.