System Management Consulting

ZAG offers an experienced team that is certified in vendor products and system integration that combines collaborative arrangement and SLA's customized for each organization. Building a partnership with ZAG will allow your company to maintain a smooth, consistent, stable, and secure network operation, simplify systems management, and deliver a path to organizational growth and competitive advantage. Systems Management can also reduce costs and improve productivity. 

Increase efficiency and competitiveness

Doing it all in-house demands more research, development and implementation time, which increases costs and decreases productivity and profitability.

Reduced risk through compliance and security

Is your firewall up to date? Do you know what rouge devices are accessing your network? Are you informed on the latest cyber threats and how to combat them? These increasingly complex challenges require experienced experts.

Up-to-date, experienced, and certified

It is hard enough to find and train new IT staff, but how do you know they are qualified to manage your critical network? We provide access to trained and certified vendor partnerships that you can rely on. Turning to ZAG for expertise has proven greatly beneficial for our clients as rapidly evolving technology and network complexity demands experienced resources. 

Managed Systems Solutions


System Center

Microsoft System Center 2012 is a comprehensive, cost effective and flexible platform, which is the only unified management platform where you can manage multiple hypervisors, physical resources, and applications in a single offering, versus multiple fragmented point solutions delivered by competitors.



Intune is a Microsoft offering that offers many of the features of System Center, but is a cloud delivered service. This enables organizations to get many benefits of systems management without the cost and infrastructure required by more traditional on-premises solutions.



N-central from SolarWinds is an offering that ZAG has chosen to help manage clients' IT systems. N-able is a feature rich offering that allows customers to manage, alert and report on their environment. This is a solution that meets the needs of many organizations large and small.