SQL Server Assessment 

Many organizations adopt Microsoft SQL Server to manage their database and host their applications. However, companies without a dedicated Database Administrator do not have the resources to ensure their database is running properly and up to date. ZAG's SQL Server Assessment is a health check, where we will make recommendations on how to ensure your SQL Server meets your business needs. Starting as a full-day engagement (for smaller organizations), this work can extend into several days for larger organizations or complex environments. ZAG suggests this service to organizations that have not reviewed their SQL server in a year or more (not including SQL Express).  

Some companies may also be running older versions sch as SQL 2005 that are End of Life. Running SQL Server End of Support and Extended Support will result in the loss of security updates, compatibility errors with newer servers and application platforms, and may require purchasing expensive hotfix support. 

SQL Health Check Includes:

SQL Server Backup Review 

  • Backups, index maintenance, database integrity checks 
  • Recovery model and RTO/RPO objectives 
  • Backup methodology and storage review 

Assess Database Configuration

  • SQL best practices review 
  • Log and trace files review
  • Check MDOP and Cost Threshold for Parallelism values
  • Disk layout/file placements for database files and log files

SQL Server Review and Assessment

  • A review and analysis of database configuration
  • Security, stability and availability

Check Versioning and Specs

  • Service pack levels and version end of life dates for current version of SQL
  • Database software configuration review


Assessment may result in:

Performance tuning

  • Memory pressure/Disk latency
  • Performance review for long running/IO intensive queries
  • Assess indexing strategy (used/unused/duplicate).
  • Assess Execution plans for query-level performance.

Remote DBA Service
Disaster  Recovery Planning

  • Recommend appropriate methodologies (Log Shipping/Replication/AG/Clustering) as applicable (based on Edition/Version)

Hardware & SQL Server upgrades

  • Assess current and projected business needs and propose a roadmap

General SQL Server consulting

  • Assess issues , analyze and recommend solutions based on severity.