Client Relationship Management

In the long term, the greatest asset a company can have is the ability to progressively deepen relationships with valuable clients. ZAG understands how to create value for each client by demonstrating the worth of our organization through our services, which in turn improve your company's business results over the years of our association.

ZAG Technical Services values our clients beyond the services or products we sell, which is why we strive to be more than just an IT Consultant to your organization; we want to be your IT Partner. 

ZAG is Different

At the outset of each client engagement we strive to develop a relationship in terms of strategic needs and capabilities. Most companies have a strategy that includes a growth plan for 2 or 3 years out. However, the reality for the company today is that they may not have the budget or need to put those pieces in place. ZAG works with every client to inform and debate the merits of various technologies, products and practices that will work for the client today and still provide a growth path depending on their needs and capabilities. 

ZAG Understands 

We understand security, up-time, compatibility, and efficiency, but we also know technology - the constant change, the challenges of integration, the increasing issues of security and recovery. We stay on top of the new technologies and corporate issues. We know what is important to a company and our goal is to help clients succeed through our role as a technology partner 

ZAG Listens

Our primary goal approaching a relationship is to listen carefully and respond to clients with a reasonable and carefully thought out plan to solve their issues and meet business challenges. This type of relationship, which is more of a partnership, is what ZAG aims to create and protect; it is why we are in business. We started as experienced consultants nearly 20 years ago.