Project Management Consulting


Companies are looking to stay competitive and meet business demands in today’s rapidly changing environment. Projects must be completed faster and within budget, and given the complexities of business and technology today, companies are turning to project management offices (PMO) to improve processes, control costs and deliver a clearly defined outcome. The return on the PMO investment is realized through consistent processes and oversight that will deliver greater efficiency, improve customer service and satisfaction, and provide greater competitive advantage. 

The goal of the PMO is to improve execution and, ultimately, profitability through efficient project execution and better reporting standards that enable strategic decision-making. To that end, more companies are turning to outsourced PMO  to manage complex IT projects and initiatives. Managing projects internally can prove to be a costly and inefficient process due to inexperience, ever-changing project complexities, and inconsistent management. 

ZAG PMO Services

ZAG employs a combination of agile IT project management methods to ensure IT project consulting success. We have found this approach to be highly effective in working through issues, while maintaining key milestones and providing executives with accurate project status. Our process provides greater visibility and continuous feedback, so we can react quickly to change, address bottlenecks faster and deliver a more consistent outcome.

Our team works closely with our clients to assess program needs and develop a PMO consistent with those goals and corporate strategies. Our services include: 

  • Assessment of needs, determine resource optimization and prioritization
  • Create a roadmap and implementation plan
  • Manage IT assets
  • Provide consulting and training 
  • Set KPIs and improve transparency and reporting
  • Planning contingencies
  • Day-to-day management

Experience is key to success. ZAG can help. We have been helping clients with complex IT challenges for nearly 20 years.