IT Product Procurement

The IT Product Procurement Team (PPT) is an IT Asset Management organization that ZAG assembled in order to deliver IT products and life cycle management in a timely manner. We wanted to add value to our clients through the purchasing process by providing a solid understanding of the IT products available in the industry today. From there, the PPT works to clearly define the requirements and effectively communicate throughout the ordering and delivery process.

Backed by our experienced Account Executives, Senior Architects and Engineers, our IT Procurement Team has a great foundation to offer valuable IT Asset Management and Life Cycle services and solutions. This enables us to deploy high-end, complex systems, while also allowing ZAG to be the single point of contact for any organization's IT procurement, asset management, and life cycle needs.

Find A New IT Product Partner

ZAG offers a massive variety of products ranging from keyboards and laptops to large-scale items like software, servers and much more. However, with the ZAG PPT, you get a personalized specialist who is ready to help with all your business needs. ZAG works directly with Corporate Partners and other Vendors to negotiate best prices on the latest versions and models of their products. Then the PPT ensures that you are buying the appropriate equipment and that you are 100 percent satisfied with your order. Lastly, we make sure that we inform you when products become outdated or are entering end-of-life support. 

The ZAG SuperStore is a great match for any organization that orders IT products on a regular basis or periodically. Explore our vast inventory individual products or our popular bundles (i.e. laptop with docking station, Windows, monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse). Since ZAG is not vendor-focused, we will provide you with any product you feel suites your business needs the most. The ZAG SuperStore carries products from: Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, VMWare, ViewSonic and many more.