Product Procurement


Product Procurement

IT Product Purchasing

The Product Procurement Team (PPT) is an IT Product Life-Cycle Management organization that ZAG assembled in order to go beyond merely delivering IT products. We wanted to add value to our clients through the purchasing process by providing a solid understanding of the IT products available in the industry today. From there, the PPT works to clearly define the requirements and effectively communicate with the client throughout the ordering and delivery process.

Backed by our experienced Account Executives and Senior Architects and Engineers, our IT Procurement Team has a great foundation to offer valuable IT Product Life Cycle Management services and solutions. This enables us to deploy high-end, complex systems, while also allowing ZAG to be the single point of contact for any organization's IT procurement, asset management, and life cycle needs.

ZAG Values Your Partnership More Than The Sale

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management Guide

When you order IT products from ZAG, we ensure that you are choosing the equipment best suited for you and your company. Rather than just processing your order and collecting your payment, we care about your purchases.

If we think you may have made a mistake, or your order is not compatible with your IT environment, the PPT will call you. A procurement specialist will ask you questions about your purchase and make recommendations for something that may suit your business more practically.  

Then, the PPT will keep track of your products' support and warranty expiration and will let you know if something has gone end-of-support, has become outdated or needs upgrading. 


Partner Store

Partner Store

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Our mission of being the complete IT Partner extends to the products, including hardware, software and accessories, your organization may need in order to meet your business needs. 

We can enable you to succeed by:

  • Ensuring your order fits with your IT environment
  • Tracking your order
  • Configuring your equipment
  • Follow up on expired licensing and support
  • Inform you when your products become outdated 

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